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Have you ever guessed what your friend might be thinking before they said the actual words?

Or immediately caught a bad vibe from someone?

You’re not a mind reader, but definitely an aura reader.

Everywhere we are, we intake other people’s energies as an auric field.

In simpler teams, aura is basically a vibrant band of colors composing our energy that flows between substances.

Our auras are basically an extended version and a symbol of our emotions, moods, vibe and overall well being. Even before we greet a person, there is an exchange of auric energies that takes place between two people, but the curve lining is that the human eye cannot witness an aura with their eyes without training. This is why we retrain the way we look and only focus on our own outer light.

Okay, but what are the benefits of Aura Reading?

Aura Reading is an essential practice that is undergone in order to keep in touch with your own emotions and feelings, you could also be inhibiting negative energies unknowingly and aura reading helps you get rid of them.

We provide a detailed study of your aura, cleanse it and help you recognise your true self while radiating positive thoughts back to the universe.

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